Top 10 Hair Care Tips

hey guys, so gonna be talking about hair care tips I’m gonna give you guys my top ten hair care tips, how I got my hair long and healthy and shiny after ten years of basically bleaching it.

which I still do bleach it and plan on continuing to bleach it a lot, of these hair care tips I’ve discovered through trial and error also from being a hairstylist and being my own client as well.

so hopefully you guys can get your healthiest hair ever and we can all just rock or healthy hair right, I guess I don’t know what anyway if you guys want to know my top ten hair care tips for your healthiest hair ever then let’s get into it.

1. Invest in a good quilty salon product.

hair care tips
hair care tips

My number one hair care tips is, I will ever do is to invest in some salon-quality hair products and the reason why it’s so important, a lot of drugstore brands have fillers in them they’re not as concentrated as salon-quality brands, which is kind of a given that’s what makes them less expensive is there’s not as much product like you know concentrated products and also a lot of them contain waxes.

So it’s really hard to convince people of this because what happens is you’ll buy a shampoo or conditioner at the drugstore and you’ll get home you’ll wash your hair a couple times with it and your hair looks shiny and thick and beautiful just like the commercials what happens is the wax.

it’s kind of filling in any kind of breakage or any damage in the cuticle so your hair looks really full and really shiny, but as that wax builds up over time actually Wiis down your hair and sometimes you’ll feel it when you’re blow drying your hair, it will almost feel like there’s a film over your hair so once they’ve been using some of these products and you feel like you might have some wax buildup or some product buildup in your hair you’re wondering.

what do I do next alright so what you’ll do from there is go and get a salon quality clarifying shampoo, unfortunately once that wax or the product gets out of your hair you might be left with a situation where your hair you just are like wow and now it feels dry and it doesn’t feel that great but from there you can invest in hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

A deep conditioner all that stuff the brand I prefer is pure ology I’ve mentioned it in a couple of my blogs, the reason I like biology so much is because it’s super concentrated it is one of the pricier kind of brands at Ulta, or your salon wherever you’re purchasing this but you get so much for your money, you’re not supposed to use a lot of it at all although as far as deep conditioner goes the one that I recommend above all other things it’s not only deep conditioner it’s more of a bond builder.

Which I’ll get into but it’s called olaplex if you haven’t heard of olaplex it’s a bond builder so it’s supposed to rebuild the bonds and your hair that are broken down from dyeing your hair bleaching your hair blow-drying any sort of damage, that has been done to your hair.

so where conditioner can make your hair look shiny and feel soft a bond builder can actually strengthen the actual follicle of your hair, so it’s not going to break off so your hair feels like or it looks like it’s growing way faster than it is because it’s no longer breaking off.

2. Protect your hair.

hair care tips
hair care tips

hair care tips number two is to protect your hair and I know you’re thinking girl we just talked about shampoo and conditioner, but I’m talking about the stuff what we’re gonna be using after we get out of the shower and before we use any sort of heat, there definitely needs to be something in between your hair and the heat even the Sun.

whatever it is you need to make sure you are protecting your hair from roots to ends if you’re wanting healthier hair it is definitely key to.

3. Take care of your hair while you sleep.

hair care tips
hair care tips

hair care tips number three is to take care of your hair while you sleep, I know this is kind of a weird tip because you’re like take care of your hair away asleep. how do you even do that?

the two things that I recommend is number one what I always do especially on my hair is curled and I want my curls to last I will wear my hair in a very loose bun on top of my head the loose bun is really important, because you don’t want anything too tight because your hair’s gonna start pulling and you can actually start it like going bald, like losing some of your hair, so you definitely don’t want a tight bun what I’ve noticed is that just keep your curls from getting to what am I thinking tangle or what happens to me.

I’ll get some mats underneath if I don’t put my hair up another way to take care of your hair while you sleep is to buy a satin pillowcase, I personally haven’t done this yet but I know it works wonders we use a cotton pillowcase, your hair is kind of being roughed up by the pillowcase its kind of rubbing against it satin pillowcase.

4. Blow dry your hair root to ends.

hair care tips
hair care tips

hair care tips number four is one of my favorites and it’s actually more of a hair hack, I didn’t even know there was a right or wrong way to blow-dry your hair, I just thought you just blow dry it right apparently not and this is where hair care tips number 4 comes.

in the fastest way the blow dryer here is to blow dry it from the roots to the ends, well I always do is I flip my hair completely over and I blow-dry my roots from there, and then by the time I’m done blow-drying my roots and I flip my hair back over my ends are basically already dry which basically saves my ends from even having to touch heat during that whole process.

And it also took half the time so I can’t believe I spent half my life not even knowing this life hack anyways that’s tip number four tip.

5. Do less: brushless, wash less, dry less.

hair care tips
hair care tips

hair care tips number five is to do less what have you made, you less is brush your hair, less wash your hair less, use less heat, all of those things do all of those things I know a lot of people are like.

I cannot wash my hair less it is not humanly possible, my hair gets so greasy and I have a couple of tips when it comes to that number one dry shampoo which I feel like everyone’s her and for some people that don’t even work but another really strong tip is to kind of just suck it up and I know that sounds really harsh and I don’t mean it like that a lot of times when we get used to washing our hair every day, we don’t realize that our scalp is also getting used to being washed every single day and what ends up happening is a scalp starts overproducing oil since.

it’s literally being stripped of it every single day so, what I meant by suck it up, I just meant for a short period of time, just get your scalp used to having a little bit of a break and then that oil production will start backing off, but unfortunately you’re gonna have to deal with a couple of greasy hair days, another thing that I do a lot less of that I know makes a huge difference in my hair, at least is I brush my hairless when especially when you have highly bleached hair.

A lot of times your hair can break off really easily, brushing your hair and applying that kind of stress to it it’s just going to make things worse, the other thing though that can help is by getting a brush that isn’t going to stress out your hair, too much that’s not just going to pull on it or break it off or even get stuck the two brushes.

I really like one of them is the tangle teezer that’s the one I prefer it’s my favorite brush of all time, I think I’m gonna target glides through my hair like a dream another brush that I know a lot of people swear by.

Is the wet brush I like that one but not as well as the tangle teezer, I know some people you know they have their favorites but the tangle teezer is my favorite I will link both of those in the down below for you guys.

6. Recycle your hairstyles.

hair care tips
hair care tips

hair care tips number six is one of my favorites of all time it is to recycle your hair styles and this kind of goes back to when I was talking about washing your hair less, I know it can just seem like how do you even get away with that like don’t you just end up.

what the greasiest hair ever give you an example is a day one, I’ll usually wear my hair straight or just natural like how my hair blow dries day two, I usually will curl my hair like this because my hair holds curl better, on the second day or when it’s a little bit dirtier for day three, what I always do is since my hair’s already curled.

I’ll usually do a little half-up half-down deal and I’d say for if you guys are like I can not go any longer my scalp is so oily, we’re like a little cabbie hat or witch hat anything like that to kind of cover your root area well I usually do on day four and five.

will wear my hair in a bun or ponytail and then day six and seven, I’ll usually wear a hat like a caddy hat or witch hat like I was just talking about but the whole point of recycling hairstyles is once again just to use less heat and to put your hair through a lot less.

7. Check your water.

hair care tips
hair care tips

Hair care tips number seven is one that I didn’t even know was a thing until it happened to me and completely destroyed my hair so, I’m making hare care tips number seven check your water basically for hardness or softness that’s what I’m talking about here so, what happened to me is I was living in an apartment and I met my husband or who’s my boyfriend at the time.

My hair just started breaking off at the ends my hair literally up here at the back right here was literally this short and the rest of my hair was a down to here, anyways shortly after we got married we’ve got a whole different house suddenly realize our hair is really healthy.

Isn’t breaking off anymore is it feeling elasticity or is it like poofy so, he puts you in two together and we also found out that the water and that area we used to live was extremely hard, so our hair was fried and you tried everything and nothing seems to be helping your hair where you recently moved every check to see if the water in your area is harder, and if it is you can get a water softener for your actual shower actually attaches to the showerhead, obviously a whole water softening system is gonna be rather expensive but the ones that you can get that attaches to your showerhead not as expensive though definitely worth looking into and it can potentially save your hair so yeah check your water.

8. Find a stylist You can trust.

hair care tips
hair care tips

hair caret tips number eight is to find a stylist you can trust not only trust but somebody that you can be honest with and they can be honest with you definitely be honest with your stylist about what you have on your hair.

this is probably the most important thing of all time, even if you think that if you tell your stylist that you put box color in your hair, three years ago it’s not going to matter because it already faded out which doesn’t happen by the way, also if you think that telling your stylist you put color in your hair or box coloring or whatever.

color days is going to prevent you from getting the platinum hair that you won’t know that it’s gonna take extra steps, if you tell your stylist that that’s not really a nice thing to do to your stylist because your stylist is here to help you achieve your goals, it’s worth taking that extra step to get exactly what you want.

so another really important thing about finding a stylist that you trust rather than just jumping around to a bunch of different stylists, your stylist is gonna have a record of what they’ve put on your hair and they’re also gonna know what worked for you what did it.

so if you decide that oh I want a little bit of red or highlights or I want this your stylist is gonna know exactly what’s on your hair already and what’s going to be achievable for you now they’re gonna tip within a tip that kind of goes alog with trusting your stylist is if you can’t trust your stylist or you don’t like the work they’re doing you’re unhappy with your hair you never seem to get what you want don’t be afraid to break up with your stylist.

9. Plan your hair color.

hair care tips
hair care tips

hair care tips number nine is to plan your hair colors just so, I don’t have to strip the crap out of my hair every single time, I go to color it again because even if there’s no developer in the color remover there’s still ammonia and some harsh chemicals.

So when I see a lot of people using color remover every single time they switch their hair dye it makes me so nervous, like I, it just like makes my armpit sweat I don’t care what anyone says about it, that all the bomb builders they use in everything nobody’s hair looks perfect after removing color that many times so, that’s exactly why I plan my hair colors around the hair color.

I already have on my hair so, for example, I just had that pony lime crying color on my hair which was that fuchsia-purple color so, the first step is I always let fade out as much as humanly possible before.

I have to bleach my roots or touch them up or whatever bleach my roots out didn’t put anything on the ends all of my root areas was bleached so I didn’t have any purple or pink there, but I did still have some in my hair down here, so when choosing my next hair color I knew, I had to choose something that would go with that pony or go well over it, that’s why I put this lilac shade down here and then at the root area.

it was basically like having fresh fruits it was just white so I just put whatever color I wanted that I thought would go well with lavender which is this kind of smoky blue shade and that’s what I did, so basically just staying within the same color range and not removing color all the time it’s going to give your hair some time to rest and breathe and get the hold of itself so it doesn’t just start breaking off all over the place so last but not least my.

10. Be patient.

hair care tips
hair care tips

Hare care tips number 10 is to be patient and I know this is the hardest one, yeah if you are committed to getting your hair healthy and using the right products and building it back up or even if you’re using a water softener, whatever you decide to do just give it some time before you completely throw it out the window and stop doing it,

so just stick with it be patient hang in there I know it’s a long process I have lived through it and at times you just want to give up but don’t give up keep going anyways, I think that is it I hope you guys get some help by this article. if you have any questions give comment below. I’m happy to help anyways thank you guys so much.

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