Jamaican Black Castor Oil  for Hair Growth

Hey guys! I m going to tell you guys how you can take care of your dry natural hair by using Jamaican black castor oil. It’s a common issue in the natural hair community, so don’t feel bad about it. I m going to show you guys how to do a hot oil treatment.Jamaican black castor oil

The product that I’ll be using is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I was sent this product through Amazon which also sells this product. Make sure to click on the link down below to purchase it. The brand I’ll be using is Tropic Isle. It is pure, black, Jamaican Black Castor Oil. There’s no other ingredient in it other than the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

You need either an applicator bottle or I’m going to show you guys how I repurpose my old product bottles. You also need a large bowl. I m using a mixing bowl today and a towel, preferably an old towel because it does get messy. As I said, you can use an applicator bottle but I m going to repurpose an old bottle. You guys have seen this review. It’s the Curls of the World bottle. I                                                                       just finished up their conditioner.

I m just going to use some hot water to rinse out the bottle. You may want to add in some soap to really get all of the junk from the bottom of the bottle. Add some hot water to it and put the cap on it. Shake it up and rinse it out. You have yourself a perfectly brand new bottle that you can create your own mixture with. If you want to, this is totally optional. I like to peel off the label. Its a paper label so it was easy to take off. There you go. I really like this bottle for the cap. I can now direct the product exactly where I want it to go. It won’t get as messy. The first ingredient that I’m going to add in is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.Jamaican black castor oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is extremely thick. It has a very thick consistency so it’s best to use this product on wet hair. This is totally optional but you can add in as many ingredients as you want to. I’m going to add in some Organic Coconut Oil. This is the refined version as well as the Arvazallia Hair treatment.

My mixture is modified to cater to my hair. You might want to look up some of the ingredients to figure out what your hair needs are. My hair is color treated so all of these ingredients are great for color treated hair and to add some moisture. Now I’m going to take my large bowl and pour in some boiling hot water. You really want your water as hot as you can get it so that you can thin out the consistency. You are going to leave the mixture in the large basin for about 3-5 minutes. Not too long.

My hair before I put in the treatment. My hair is extremely dry. I’ve been wearing wash and goes for the entire week. I’m really going to focus on my ends and my edges. You want to do this on wet hair. So I’m going to wash using my favorite conditioner at the moment which is the Suave Naturals conditioner. My hair is pretty much damp. I’m going to start using sections.Jamaican black castor oil

My hair is really thick so I like to work in sections. I’m going to detangle before I put the product. Now as you can see, if you have the applicator bottle or repurposed bottle, it’s so much easier to distribute the Jamaican black castor oil throughout your hair. As you can see, the consistency of the hot oil treatment is so much thinner because it has been thinned out with the hot water. I’m just going to continue to work my way around my head.

If you have any problem areas, Jamaican Black Castor oil is great for so many uses. I have a little bit of breakage around my edges, most likely from my braids. I’ve always had this issue and I’m trying to work on it. So if you have any thinning edges, which is a common issue within the black community go ahead and apply some of that castor oil on your edges so that it can penetrate your hair follicles as well as your scalp.Jamaican black castor oil

Because my hair can’t fit in a shower cap, I’m going to use a trash bag. I’m going to leave this on for about 30 minutes depending on how long you want to leave it. You could leave it for up to 45 minutes or an hour. However long you would like to. I’m going to rinse it out. Here is my hair afterward. I rinsed out all of the product and I have applied my leave-in. You can already see my curls starting to pop.

You could totally style your hair afterward. I’m loving the way my curls are popping right now so I’m just going to use some Eden BodyWorkscurl defining creme. Just a tad bit to lock in this style without having to use gel. I’m just going to scrunch it into my hair. I’m not going to smooth it in, just scrunch it into my desired shape. You guys know it’s going to shrink up anyways.Jamaican black castor oil

There you have it! We went from dry, brittle hair, to now luscious, soft curls in just a matter of an hour. You can perform this treatment on your hair as much as you want to.best Jamaican black castor oil For me personally, I don’t really suffer that much from dry hair. So I don’t need to do this treatment as often. If you would like to, you can use at it at least once a week to treat your dry hair. For more information follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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