adult-affection-baby-259363 All about hair loss during pregnancy and the common questions that some people want to know about their hair loss during pregnancy and I will have a new addition to the family, I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant and I sort of would be really excited to be on another baby and so, I’ve what I put together for those of you that are pregnant at the moment or just had your baby and you’ve kind of got some you know questions.

that you kind of want to know about your hair during pregnancy how it’s going to affect your hair and all the worries and concerns that you might have, I’m hoping this will be able to help you with that issue so and I’m going to go through some of the common questions.

then I basically tell you my experience with those questions as well so the first slot will be the question for by how you know what my response was and how I deal with it.

#1: Hair dye during pregnancy or we actually relaxing during pregnancy?

hair care during pregnancyThere are many different views about hair dye during pregnancy and some doctors and researchers have you know different views on whether you should or not some say that  it’s okay to do it because you know if any chemicals are absorbed within the body it’s very minimal, it’s not enough to harm the unborn baby, whereas some say it’s best to avoid it altogether that way there’s, just no risk whatsoever and others say that.

you can do hair dye during pregnancy but to avoid it during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy so obviously during that time, you know the other baby goes through the most changes and development within the body, so if you avoid and do it after then there’s less of a risk of there being a problem did, I would ask my hairdo in pregnancy yes, I did I remember because when I fell pregnant with my first son and I had been on my hair journey for about four years.

so obviously when that happened I was quite concerned a finger how’s it going to affect my hair dye during pregnancy, what’s going to happen. it’s hair Josie’s gonna go down the drain it’s going to be over with because I wasn’t sure ever to wax my hair again, because of the concern to have you know chemicals being absorbed in the skin and affecting the unborn baby.

I was thinking am I going to put my hair in braids, I’m gonna put it in weave you know what am I going to do, but obviously, pregnancy lasts for nine months and the longest I’ve ever stretched my hair during that time was two months.

I was thinking how am I going to manage you know my hair not being relaxed for that amount of time um eventually I decided I was going to relax, it as I said there’s not much evidence to say that it does harm the baby, so I decided to relax my hair and again during this pregnancy I’m relaxing my hair and I’m continuing as normal where I tick slacks my hair during pregnancy.

I don’t really leave the relaxer on for very long period of time so when it’s been applied it’s done very quickly and it’s washed off straight away anyway so that’s the way that it kind of avoids from any chemicals being absorbed into the body.

 #2: can you take a hair vitamin supplement?

well I mean they do say that you can get all the hair vitamin supplement and all the minerals that you need through the diet healthy balanced diet, however you can use hair vitamin supplement to add additional vitamins and nutrients to your diet during pregnancy and you can take prenatal vitamins and they say that if you do take it it’s best to ensure that it contains folic acid onion calcium vitamin C zinc copper vitamin b6 and vitamin D.

some doctors and researchers say that it’s best to avoid vitamin able together and some say that you need to have some vitamin A in your diet, so they say that too much vitamin A could cause birth defects and they say that too well not having it at all could cause growth retardation in the unborn care during pregnancy

again there’s speculation it’s difficult to know which is the right one to have it do you not have, it I think just generally you know we do get it from foods anyway and we will kind of absorb and have vitamin A within our diets generally.

you can get it through sweet potatoes you can get it for a carrot fish liver leafy greens so you know it’s kind of like you’re not going to eliminate altogether by thinking just having minimal amounts is not going to cause any harm, but they said you limit it all together or you have too much of it as I said it can cause problems as well so it really just depends on the individual and what you’re comfortable with doing and yet.

#3: I am taking a multi-bit moment by Centrum?

it contains all the vitamins that I mentioned plus more when I was pregnant with Cameron and my doctor said to me because I was on biotin and zinc at the time, I asked them whether I should continue to take care and they said to me it’s best not to take that anymore so I literally just stopped taking vitamins totally.

I wasn’t taking anything whereas with this pregnancy I’ve checked again and my doctor said to me that and it’s okay to say pitting tablets for just avoid vitamin A and as I said I just thought I’d go for multi-bit me and get the best of everything and that way you can’t really go wrong again it’s just about eating well and having a balanced healthy diet and which is the main thing that you need to do.

#4: will you experience post partner shedding?

do you know what this one it’s kind of down to the individual obviously and some of us do experience excessive shedding and during postpartum shedding, some of us it’s very minimal that some people don’t even really notice it and they said they didn’t experience it.

I do have an article on post partner shooting if you do want to read that where I’ll go into a bit more detail about what postpartum shooting is and my experience with it. but yet some people are lucky because obviously after pregnancy you know not much hair sheds so many more they don’t really notice much of a difference where some people have excessive shedding like myself.

I experienced and so it really does depend on the individual yes with my first pregnancy I did actually experience. it was kind of it was kind of an excessive you know I did lose a lot of hair my hair did become a lot care during pregnancy

it did before and I continued as normal as I said it’s a normal process is nothing anyone can do it did take me by surprise when I wasn’t expecting it I didn’t really know that it was going to happen it, wasn’t something I was really thinking about only I did get through it.

yeah everyone else will you will get through it don’t worry about it too much I think worrying can cause more problems um that yeah just continue as normal it’s not hair loss. I mean it’s a form of hair loss but it’s not as in you’re not permanently losing the hair the hair will grow back again so then yep just take it as it comes and tries not to worry about it.

#5: will your hair grow faster in your pregnancy?

85 to 95% of the hair kind of remains in the growing phase it means there’s more hair on our head so our hair appears to be thicker because we’re not losing anything, so it’s kind of given the illusion that the hair is thicker when necessarily, it’s not it’s just the fact that we’ve got more hair on our head and been saying that some researchers have said that actually.

their hair does become thicker and then you know the diameter of the hair strand increases which results in thicker hair so again you know there are different views on the actually does pick in the hair and some say doesn’t.

it’s just the illusion you know I’ve got more hair in the growing phase and so I really and truly you know that’s that something is out in terms of you know whether the hair does grow thicker and faster, so really it’s down to the individual as well and what they see with their own hair because some may say yet you know they’ve noticed that their hair is thicker others might not notice much of a difference so really truly it’s just down to what you kind of see an experience of your own hair.

#6: did my hair grow thicker and faster during pregnancy?

my hair and I felt that my hair was at his best during pregnancy funny enough and I remember doing a 6-inch chop another that where the end of my hair was thinning, I was 27 weeks at a time with Cameron and I remember cutting off six inches and my hair was so much thicker, fuller my head was really thriving during pregnancy and obviously after having Cameron 3 to 6 months later.

I experienced postpartum shedding and then after I got over that my hair seemed to grow quite quite fast actually within the eight months of cutting my hair my hair kind of went from armpit length to bra strap length within eight months which is kind of quick in comparison to when I started on my hair journey.

I think it took me some years for it to get to that length and but yeah I do feel that you know I did kind of have faster growth, that’s what I noticed and my hair really did thrive and so it’s had its pros and its cons with me but really truly I’m not too worried about going through pregnancy again and what’s going to happen with postpartum in or anything like that you know each pregnancy is completely different everyone’s experience is going to be different.

so I’m just going to take it as it comes and see what happens so that’s it really that’s some of the common questions. I hope it’s been useful to you if I’ve missed anything out that you all you know you’re linked thinking are we know she didn’t mention that I’d like to know that do comment below.


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